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There is no party, event, or production too small or too large to warrant the help of an event and production professional. Whether the event you are planning is a small dinner party, a benefit concert, your wedding, a dance recital, or a large-scale conference complete with headlining entertainment, I will make sure that it goes off without a hitch. I pay special attention to detail and can bring your ideas to life within your budget. I have a background in performing arts management, and as an individual, I have hosted many dinner parties of my own.

I understand the challenges and rewards for the host of any type of event. As your event coordinator, I will make the process of hosting a stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable time. Smiling and having fun are just as important as making sure everything gets done correctly!


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2014 A Year of Events Dedicated to My Gram

Dec 23, 2013
Hello! Happy Christmas Eve Eve!
It has just come to my attention that I now have the capability to blog on my website. Welcome to the 21st Century!

This week has been a bit rough for me and my family. I was hoping to write an awesome-on-the-marketing front first blog but all I can think about is how important family and good friends are, especially at this time of year.

This week I traded a trip into Brooklyn to attend a much-anticipated Holiday Party for a trip into Brooklyn for an unexpected holiday-time Funeral. Although my grandmother had been in hospice care for almost a year now, we did not expect her to pass away so soon. She had been weak and bedridden for just over a year but her mind was still mostly there. Furthermore, there were no diagnosable medical ailments. It is a very sad time in my family; to be mourning the death of a loved one weeks after her 84th birthday. But, it is also a time of celebration. No one can change the fact that celebrations and entertaining are a part of my family's very constitution. And, while we had to trade some of the more light-hearted hosting and revelry for a more sombre flavor, we are still a family who loves to come together. This is something that my grandmother's last year really emphasized for us.

After my grandmother was moved into a nursing home minutes away from my mother, the family began coming to her house frequently. I have been so lucky over this past year to have seen two of my aunts and uncles, not to mention cousins, more than ten times more frequently than in years past. What a delightful benefit of a difficult time in life. My mother's house, in particular her kitchen and dining room, became the venue of many-a-gathering. Guests to these gatherings frequently included a cousin from Chicago, an aunt and uncle from Brooklyn, a cousin from Brooklyn, and an aunt, uncle, and three cousins from Georgia. Additionally, aunts from California and some family members from New Jersey made guest appearances at a few of these events.

I can report happily and confidently that my Grandmother was a well-loved individual. She raised 4 children and was the grandmother to 10 and the great-grandmother to two. This large family is something she was so proud to be the matriarch of. And, with that knowledge, I can't imagine her designing the last year of her life in a better way than causing sometimes weekly family reunions.

Merry Christmas, Gram and may you rest in peace knowing that your family is more closely bonded because of you. Your funeral, without a doubt, will be one of my most memorable events of the year.

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